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UNRC UN-A6 Plus Pro 200W 1S-6S LiPo Battery Charger

Item Code: HP093-0001
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  • Description
UNRC UN-A6 Plus UNA6 1S-6S LiPo Battery Pro 8A Balance Charger

Product Description:    

- UN-A6 PLUS lipo battery balance charger combined advantages of UN-A6 and UN-A6PRO, optimizing the shortages, adopting NEW case and PCB wiring, offering bigger and clearer LCD display. This is the brand new UN-A6 PLUS!
- UN-A6 PLUS adopts internationally accepted high efficiency "voltage-division charging" working mode. Voltage can be precision-controlled in plus or minus 0.002V, and current can be precision-controlled in 0.1A. The voltage deviation is less than 5mV after charging. This balance charger could be used to charge lipo battery, li-ion battery and A123 li-fe battery. Charging-finished voltage can be preset as well as charging current. At most 6 lipo packs could be charged simultaneously. It also comes with discharging function.

    12-bit AD conversion
    Input: DC 12V to 15V
    0.3A to 8A Step Current
    2.5V to 4.2V Step Voltage
    Charging port: 1 x 6S port, 2 x 3S ports, 3 x 2S ports (CANNOT charge 2 battery types at the same time!)
    Dimension: 164(L) x 123(W) x 45(H)

    Input voltage could be displayed in this battery charger.
    Dynamic balance function is added to adjust the charging current to shorten charging time according to cell voltage.
    Two this UN-A6 chargers could be combined to compose one 12S charger and even share one input power.
    Voltage precision: +/- 2mV, current precision: 0.1A. Just charging finished voltage deviation is less than 5mV.
    Can division-charge 2-6S lipo battery packs.
    Can simutaneously charge 3x2S, 2x3S, 1x6S battery packs.
    Provide a full protection to the electric circuit, including input overvoltage protection, over-heat temperature, input anti-connection protection,output anti-connection protection and output damage protection.
    Fully automatic temperature control of radiating design.When the internal of the charger is not over heat, the radiator fan will not be activated, which has proven the quiet charging environment.
    6 charging circuit works separately, no interactively interference.
    When CPU detects voltage in a channel has reached the default value, the charging circuit of this channel will be locked and stop working, so you do not have to worry about the batteries will be over charged.
    Maximum 8A charging current (0.3A-8A adjustable)
    Input reqirment: DC 12V-14V/>12A
    Five working modes make it be more stong in charging.