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ToolkitRC - Q4AC 4x50w AC / DC Smart Charger XT60 With XT60 to XT30 Adapters

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Item Code: HP0110.0021
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  • Description
Charging Input: AC100-240V@MAX1.5A DC10-18V@MAX20A
Battery Type: LiPo  LiHV  LiFe  Lion@1-4S NiMh @1-10S     Pb @1-8S
Bal Cur.: 240mA @2-4S
Accuracy: <0.005V
Charging Power:
0.1-5A@50W*4  DC input
0.1-5A@50W*2  AC input
0.1-5A@25W*4  AC input
Discharge power:
Firmware upgrade: USB
Battery Voltage: 1.0V-5.0V @1-4S
Battery Internal Resistance: 1-100mR @1-4S
Display LCD IPS: 3.5" 480*320px
Product Size: 150mm*112mm*36.5mm
Weight: 450g
Individual Packing Size 160mm*160mm*46mm
Shipping Weight: 600g