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TomCat G100CC 10925-KV160 Brushless Motor

Item Code: HP165-TC-G-10925-KV160
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  • Description

Type: TC-G-10925-KV160 (G100CC)
KV (rpms per volt): 160
No load current:  5.0A @10V
Resistance: 0.021 ohms
Watts: up to 10000
Continuous Current: 175A
Max Burst Current: 188A, 10seconds
Cells: 12-14 S Li-Po
Recommended Props: 25x12 to 27x12
Slots, Poles: 24, 20
Diameter:  109 mm
Shaft Diameter: 10 mm
Weight: 2000 g
Brushless ESC: 200A