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SonicModell Mini Skyhunter KIT / PNP

Item Code: HP128-0043
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  • Description

This 1238mm Wingspan Mini Skyhunter V2 (unassembled kit) is a middle-sized FPV airplane to the legendary Skyhunter airframe series. The Mini Skyhunter comes with a unique twin-boom tail wing design that makes flying super stable and agile. Moreover, SonicModell uses high strength carbon fiber reel pipe instead of a normal tube to help decrease the tail weight. This plane consists of  EPO molded wing, fuselage reinforced by a carbon fiber tube, pre-cut hatches for FPV gear, which offer multiple mounting choices for your camera, VTX, GPS, and battery. 

Note: Electronics, such as camera, motor, ESC, Servo, etc. are NOT included in the kit. Only in the PNP


  • Middle size FPV plane for mid-range FPV flying
  • 1238mm wingspan compact size offers good portability and flexibility
  • Spacious room inside the fuselage with sliding equipment tray for FPV gear and big battery
  • Pre-molded 9g or 5g servos location for rudders if you plan on using them
  • Pre-cut hatches for gimbal / cameras / video transmitter / GPS
  • Multiple camera mount option, compatible for FPV and HD camera in the market
  • Molded hand grip for hand launch
  • Tail boom length adjustable for the best CG setting
  • CG: On the main spar (Slightly forward for maiden flight)
  • Unassembled kit easy for DIY purpose
  • Upgrade from Mini Skyhunter V1 to Mini Skyhunter V2(in order to reduce tail weight
  • 1mm Carbon Fiber sheet instead of Fiber Glass sheet to reinforce the trailing edge of the main wing
  • Low-density EPO foam instead of normal EPO, light in weight but still stiff and solid
  • High strength but ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber reel pipe instead of normal CF tube
  • New designed vivid decal, easy to see when flying FPV
  • Much smaller package to reduce weight and size, in order to save shipping cost.


  • Brand Name: SONICMODELL
  • Item Name: Mini Skyhunter V2
  • Wingspan: 1238mm (48.74in)
  • Length: 855mm (33.66in)
  • Wing size: 19.5dm 2
  • Flying Weight: 830g
  • Wing load: 42g/dm 2

Recommended (Not Included in the KIT)

  • Motor: 2212 KV1400 
  • ESC: 30A
  • Servo: 9g*3pcs 
  • Propeller: 8*4
  • Lipo Battery: 11.1V 2200-3600mAh