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SkyRC PC1080 Dual Channel 20A UAV Charger

Item Code: HP057-0033
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  • Description
The PC1080 is a dual-channel lithium polymer battery charger designed for drone users that can simultaneously charge two 6-cell lithium polymer batteries/high voltage lithium batteries. Operating modes include fast charging, precise charging and storage modes. This unit is easy to operate and has a master-slave mode. And multiple chargers can be synchronized through the data line connection, which greatly shortens the setup time. This unit has short circuit protection, reverse connection protection and over temperature protection.

Size and weight
Size: 241x139.5x63.5mm
Weight: 4.88Kg

Display: LCM display
interface: English display
Buttons and ports
External port: AC input interface, 6S ​​XH balance port, XT90 battery interface
control mode: 4 membrane buttons * 2 groups
power supply
AC input: 100-240V
charging power: 522W*2
Discharge power: 100W (50W*2)

Type of battery / number of sections: lithium polymer battery / high voltage lithium battery 6 sections

Charging current: 1.0A-20.0A*2
Discharge current: 2.0A *2
Number of battery segments: 6
balancing current: 1000mA-1500 mA / section
Safety time: 1-720 (need to be set) Minutes Turn off
charging mode: Accurate charging, Fast charge, storage mode, butler mode

Work and storage
Working temperature: 0°C-40°C
Working humidity: 0%-75%
Storage temperature: -10°C - 70°C
Storage humidity: 0%-75%