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RTW Fixed Wing UAV Flight Control System with GPS Current sensor & Bluetooth (Standard Edition)

Item Code: HP081-0001
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  • Description

The RTW fixed wing UAV flight control system is a flight controller specifically designed from the ground up for small to medium fixed wing aircraft. Easy to install and setup the RTW FC features a high level of component integration meaning there is less wiring and external devices to connect. This simple design concept allows for quick and tidy installs with a minimum amount of fuss and peripheral components. An optional Airspeed sensor module is available for advanced applications.

Key features
1. Easy setup and upgrades
2. Very few cables, clean setups
3. Built in 12v & 5v Bec
4. Built in Dual Camera switch
5. CAN_Bus Port for External peripherals such as Airspeed Sensor, PWM Board, avigation lights etc.
6. Supports GCS with intuitive user interface
7. Built in OSD
8. Strong Aluminum Case construction
9. Includes Current sensor
10. Includes Dual Mode GPS
11. Includes Bluetooth module

Weight (main unit): 35g
Size (main unit): 53x13.5x40.5mm
Base System weight: 95g (FC, Current Sensor and GPS)
Max Input Voltage: 30v
Output voltage: 5v or 12v
Max Output Current: 5Amp
Current sensor Max: 90a
Included GPS: BN-280 Dual Mode

Optional Accessories:
Airspeed Sensor
PWM to CAN_Bus Conversion module

Optional Accessores (Sold seperatly)

Airspeed Sensor

PWM to CAN_Bus break out board