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RadioMaster - TX16S HALL CC2500 + Touch Version 16ch 2.4ghz Multi-protocol OpenTX Radio System for RC Models, Gliders, Drones, Robotics, Boats, UAV

MAP $169.99 USD
Item Code: HP157-0012
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  • Description
Please note. We are a wholesale distributor. We do not sell to the general public. For retail purchases of RadioMaster products please visit the link below to find your closest store. Hobby Porter is accepting pre-orders from retailers and distributors only.

CC2500 Version - Covers Protocols available on the CC2500 RF chip only.
4-in-1 Version - Covers all protocols handled by the CC2500, CYRF6963, A7105 & NRF24L01 RF Chips.

This listing is for the CC2500 Version MAP $139.99 USD



Why choose TX16S?

  • Built in USB-C Charging.

  • Touch Panel*

  • USB-C Data/simulator port.

  • Bigger battery compartment.

  • External SD card slot.

  • 2 X UART ports for updates and DIY.

  • Improved menu navigation with Page back and forward.

  • Better case design with improved grip ergonomics.

  • Better switch quality and placement design.

  • Better sliders with good center feedback.

  • Full Size (not small short throw) HALL gimbal with CNC Aluminum face.

  • Official OpenTX support.

  • Official Multi-module support.

  • Improved speaker circuit (no noise).

  • Included EPP carry box.


A special thanks and shout out to all of the the developers who without their hard work and dedication to Open Source software development, projects like ours wouldn't exist.




*Specs subject to change.