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RadioMaster - RP2 2.4ghz ExpressLRS ELRS Nano Receiver

Item Code: HP0157.RX-RP2
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  • Description
The RadioMaster RP series of receivers are designed with size, ease of use and range in mind. Utilizing ExpressLRS 2.4ghz Open-source firmware the RP series of nano receivers deliver features and range today pilots have come to expect.

Developed around the ESP8285 MCU and SX1280IMLTRT RF Chip the RP series offer Lora and FLRC 2.4ghz RF links offering incredible range and low latency. With Wifi built in FW updates can be done on your craft without the need to remove the receiver. Binding can be done using a bind phrase meaning no more bind plugs or fiddly button presses while trying to plug in your battery.

Tiny in size yet big on features and range the RP series of receivers have you covered.

What’s new on the RP2
★ Improved PCB design is better for heat dissipation.
★ Solder pads are improved and easier to solder to.
★ LED on top side of PCB.

Item Name: RP2 Nano Receiver
Type: ISM
SX1280IMLTRT RF Module
Antenna: On Board SMT Antenna
Frequency Range: 2400 MHz to 2480 MHz
Maximum receive refresh rate: 500Hz /F1000Hz
Minimum receiver refresh rate: 25Hz
Working voltage: 5v
Weight: 0.55g
Dimension: 13mm*11mm*7mm

Learn more about ExpressLRS

ELRS (standard) is pre-installed witn ExpressLRS ISM FW (Max power is hardware dependnant)
ELRS LBT (Europe) Version is pre-installed with ExpressLRS CE EU domain LBT FW (Limited to 100mw power output)