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RadioLink Mini Pix AudroPilot Flight Control System & TS100 GPS

Item Code: HP103-0011
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Available as a Basic set, Advanced set or GPS Only, please select the version you need when adding to cart.

F/C flight contoller
1.The same size with F4   size : 39*39*12mm
2.Unique vibration damping by software , need not any foam
3.Practice from PosHold Mode , Stablize Mode to Acro Mode
4. Match  Fixed wing/3 to 6 multicopter/helicopter/cars/boats
5.New circuit design,less interference of inner components
6.Unique automation software testing system
7. For all planes,boat and car (Especial for fixed wing )

1, MINI M8N GPS , 50 centimeter position accuracy
2, Super mini size 32*30*12mm, the weight is 20g
3, Positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds on open ground , valley station-keeping ability
4, Top configuration : u-blox UBX-M8030(M8N), 72 channels