• NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines
  • NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines
  • NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines
  • NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines

NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines

No. HP055-0007
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  • NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines
  • NGH GF30 4-Stroke RC Gasoline Engines
  • Description
NGH have been known for producing high-quality gasoline engines. NGH is also the first factory in China that independently develops and produces 4-stroke RC gasoline engines. GF30 is a professional-grade 4-stroke gasoline engine built by NGH engineers for model enthusiasts. It has high performance, low fuel consumption, large torque, low noise, compact structure and beautiful appearance.

GF30 has the installation size of 120-180 glow size 4 stroke engine, and it has power comparable to a 120-180. It is suitable for RC aircraft with takeoff weights of 6-10kg and is the best power configuration for the 120-180 level RC aircraft.

GF30 uses a CM6 spark plug and it is equipped with a universal exhaust muffler for NGH-smoother, deeper voice, power more surging. The CNC carved and anodized adjustable-length T-type engine mount is equipped to make the engine installation more stable and less vibration.

The rear carburetor facilitates the engine adjustment, connecting rod with needle bearing can lubricate the hinge pin better, the unique separation lubrication circulation system makes the engine more fully lubricated and unique double piston ring (one lubricating ring and one sealing ring) can seal and lubricate better. The cylinder liner is made of wear-resistant nodular cast iron, the tolerance of the bore in the cylinder is within 0.01mm, and the precision is much higher than the roundness tolerance of the inner hole of the aluminum alloy chrome-plated cylinder liner 0.03mm, aluminum alloy plating chromium cylinder liner in principle does not meet the Eu environmental regulations.

GF30 features
* NGH directional exhaust muffler for low voice
* The matched Walbro carburetor for reliable running and convenient installation
* CNC carved and adjustable T-shaped engine mount for more stable engine installation and less vibration
* CNC carved double needle roller bearing connecting rod
* Double nut locking output shaft
* RCEXL Ignition with automatic advancing system, especially made for NGH
* RCEXL spark plug CM6
* High-quality bearings

GF30 four-stroke gasoline engine
Displacement:  29.91cc
Bore:  36mm
Stroke:  29.4mm
RPM Range:  1600-8500rpm
Output:  3.16HP/9000rpm
Engine Weight:  1150g
CDI Weight:  100g
Ignition Battery:  DC 4.8V - 8.4V  1000mAh
Suggested Props:  15x10, 16x8, 16x10, 17x8,17x10
Requires:  2-cycle oil, unleaded gasoline
Ratio of lubricating capacity: Gas:oil = 35:1

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