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PRE-ORDER - RadioMaster - T8 8 Channel OpenTX Compatible D8 / D16 Remote-control

MAP $54.99
Item Code: HP157-0009
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  • Description
The T8 is RadioMasters entry in to the exciting world of RC. With 8 channels, built in battery and Multi-Module powered CC2500 RF chip, it is ready to command your D8 and D16 models right after the first charge!

The T8 runs a specially configured version of OPENTX that is pre-programmed for simple easy use. No complicated setup, no firmware updates or radio programming. Simply select the right protocol with a simple stick input and bind! That’s it, now go out and fly!

Featuring a built in 1000mah battery for up to 6 hours of operation on a single charge and built in USB charging to make topping up the battery easy and convenient. Its compact size and ergonomic design with fold away finger rests, make it the ideal travel or whoop companion.

Like to spend time playing simulators when you cannot get out to fly? T8 has USB-C Simulator support too! Play your favorite sims with the supplied USB cable, no special adapters needed. The T8 can even support voice alert functions by simply adding a SD card and downloading the SD card sound pack from our website.

The T8 features high precision quad ball bearing Potentiometer gimbals and CNC aluminum switch nuts for a touch of style.

The T8 also has a hidden secret! Purchase the OpenTX screen control unit (sold separately) and with a simple firmware update your T8 transforms in to a T8 Pro!