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Omnidirectional AGV Mecanum Wheel 48mm omni wheel Omnidirectional robot wheels

Item Code: HP050-0011
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  • Description
Small wheel adopts high quality rubber with high friction and low pulsating noise.
The structural parts are made of aluminum alloy with long service life and no deformation.
The number of supporting wheels is 10, the load capacity is up to 15KG, and the stability is better.
Maximum flexibility and free mobility: the use of omni-directional drive technology enables rapid positioning of vehicles in small Spaces. The specific walking mode is straight, oblique, transverse, s-traveling, and rotation at any Angle with zero radius.

Model: 60 mm
Color: red / black
Weight: 190.8g
Capacity:15 kg
Thickness:24 mm
Diameter of supporting wheel shaft: 4mm
Number of supporting wheels: 10
Surface material: Aluminum alloy , rubber