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Kylin KL-2212001 Toolset with tools bag

Kylin KL-2212001 Toolset with tools bag
Item Code: HP067-0023
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  • Description
1. Hex screw driver 1.5mm x1
2. Hex screw driver 2.0mm x1
3. Hex screw driver 2.5mm x1
4. Hex screw driver 3.0mm x1
5. Hex screw driver 4.0mm x1
6. Phillips screwdriver 3.0 X 120MM   x1
7. Flat head Screwdriver 3.0 X 120MM  x1
8. Nut driver 5.5mm x1
9. Nut driver 7.0mm x1
10. Ball Reamer 4.7mm x1
11. Ball Reamer 5.0mm x1
12. Hex screw driver head 1.5mm x1
13. Hex screw driver head 2.0mm x1
14. Reamer 0-16mm x1
15. T type screw driver 4.0mm x1
16. T type screw driver 5.0 mm x1
17. Cross nut driver ( 3Pcs H4-5,H5.5-6,H7-8)
18.High quality portable bag for all tools

Tool ends are manufactured using only the best Japanese SKH51 high speed steel
A special heat treating process is used to achieve a score of 58- 60 (HRC hardness).  Yielding a durable and long lasting tool that is difficult to break.
The cutting tools are treated with a professional titanium plating process to reduce wear and maintain a sharp edge.
For comfort and reduced hand fatigue a high quality 6063-T6 / 22mm large diameter handle has been chosen. 
The handle is made using a one-time CNC machining process to completely hollow it and create tool that feels weightless in your hands.
Garland coreless external cylindrical grinding process is used to provide an ultra-high precision tool that will fit perfectly with extremely long life.
The professional tool kit also provides a precision ball end reamer, and a large diameter reamer (up to 65mm) with a hardened spring steel, extremely sharp edge.