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HOMFPV Micron Pro - HD / Analog / PNP

Item Code: HP175-0013
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  • Description
The amazing micron just got better.

Probably one of the best 2021 2inch HD/anolog quad on the market.

①First of all, the device is very stable.
②Even if the energy consumption is high in windy weather, you can get the efficiency you want.
③Carrying 4s battery and having a camera on it allow us to take long flights and enjoy the flight.
④Especially the fact that it can fly in closed areas and the sponge structure around it gives a safe flight feeling.
⑤The ability to pass through narrow spaces through door and window openings will be you favorite feature of commercial flights.

Now it can support 4S battery,use 1105 4500KV motor

In order to release all the potential power of the powertrain, after more than three months of flight testing, the team finally had the most suitable motor and propeller for Micron Pro.

The frame is developed and manufactured by 19 processes, and the quality is as its name.

The equipment has stable flight, sufficient power, and free and safe flight in closed and narrow spaces.
It can also be used as a low-cost commercial productivity tool.
The classic white fashion appearance will bring you refreshing in summer.
35A F4 AIO FC, can support 2-6S batteries, the explosion resistance is increased by 15%.
8 RGB lamp beads are hidden in the LED light board, bringing wonderful color visual impact during flight.