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EV-Peak V3 Battery Charger

AC Input: 100-240V LiPo battery: 2~3 series Charge current: 800mA Indication: 2 LEDs Dimension:61*100*30mm Weight:100g
Item Code: HP026-0027
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  • Description

Ev-peak V3 2S/3S Balance Charger for Li Po battery Description: Item name:Ev-peak V3 Balance Charger LiPo battery: 2~3 series AC Input:110-240V Monomer weight: 0.93KG Charging current: Max. 2.0A Operating mode display: via 2 LEDs Feature: Intelligent operation Only Lipo battery charge Charging accuracy reach 0.01V Built-equilibrium charge and discharge Simple powered charger, very suitable for beginners Package Included: 1 x ev-peak charger 1 x charger wire