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AtomRC - Seal FPV Fixed wing airplane 1500mm/1100mm KIT/PNP/FPV PNP

Item Code: HP171-0004
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  • Description
1.classic glider design, It has good gliding ability,easy for beginners.
2.detachable wing design, user can choose 1100mm wing span or use extend wing to 1500mm wingspan.
3.Design for FPV, ESC, FC VTX and Camera all have installation area. Easy to build and maintain.
4.Side door for install Flight controller, easy to wiring and maintain.
5.Two hatch, flat hatch for gimbal or DJI Air uint.
6.Air cooling duct design, reduce the heat inside the fuselage.
7.Huge battery bay, recommend 3000~5000mAH 4s1P battery, battery support up to 4S2P 21700 lion.

Material: EPO
WingArea:25.7d㎡/17.8 d㎡
Package size:560*290*210mm
Recommend motor: 2212 1400KV
Recommend prop: 8040
Recommend battery:
21700 4S1P /3000~5000mAH 4s1P
Servo: 4* 9g servo

Flying Data
The specs is testing by PNP version:(2212/1400KV 8040 prop、21700/4s1p 4500mAh)
Recommend take off weight: 1100g(1500mm)
Max. take off weight:1400g(1500mm)
Cruse speed:50km
Cruse current:4.1A
Flight time: up to 60min
Flight time: up to 60min


KIT Lite
1 x Un-assembled KIT

1 x Pre-build plane
1 x ATOMRC 30A 2~4s BLS ESC with 5V3A BEC
1 x 2212 1400KVMotor
4 x 9G digital servo
1 x 8040 propeller
(The aircraft foam is assembled, and the electronic equipment is not pre-assembled.)

1 x PNP Plane
1 x 5.8G 1500mW VTX
1 x Foxeer Toothless 2 Nano Camera
1 x 5.8G Antenna
(The aircraft foam is assembled, and the electronic equipment is not pre-assembled.)