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AtomRC - Killer Whale FPV Twin Motor plane 1255mm Wingspan - KIT | PNP | FPV

Item Code: HP171-0002
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  • Description
Twin motor design, high efficiency, designed for long range FPV with huge payload.
Detachable Wing and tail, make is easy to transport.
Wing with special designed connector for ESC and Servo, no more mess up wires, easy to deploy and retreat.
Twin rudder design, more stable for heading FPV, also more
Flaps for takeoff and landing.
Detachable motor hatch, easy for maintenance and upgrade.
Front and rear GOPRP mount for different angle video shoot, front mount can support GOPRO 9.
Prop can support up to 9 inches for extreme long-range flight.
Two stage fuselages for FC and Battery, large room for big batteries.
All control surfaces are reinforced with carbon rod, no more twisted surface during high speed flight.
All push rods are ball push rods, give more precise control, low back lash and smooth control.
Flat front hatch for Gimbal, curved hatch for low drag long range flight.
Plastic protection under belly for landing.
Support landing gear upgrade and flight light upgrade.