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** Pre-order ** KST X20-1806 Low Profile High Voltage Digital Metal Gear Brushless Servo 18KG 0.06Sec

MSRP $99.99usd ETA Late January 2023
Item Code: HP0023.0216
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  • Description
X20-1806 brushless low profile servo is the first servo with 4 pole brushless DC motor. High torque and super fast response time. The low profile design of these servos make them ideal for use in modern 1:10 on-road touring and drift cars and 1:10th scale off-road buggies.

•4 Pole Brushless DC Motor, with fast response and high efficiency
•Extreme torque & Excellent speed
•CNC aluminium case
•IP65 splash-proof
•Working Frequency is up to 1520us/333Hz
•Programing box/USB link compatible
•Designed for 1:10 on-road touring and drift cars and 1:10th scale off road buggies. The •low profile of these servos also makes them ideal for high performane airplanes and jets •that require a low profile servo in a slim wing.

*Please note never plug the servo into a live system

Item: X20-1806 Brushless Servo
Rated Voltage: DC7.4V
Voltage Range: DC6.0V-8.4V
Torque: 14Kgf.cm@6.0V, 16Kgf.cm@7.4V, 18Kgf.cm@8.4V
Speed: 0.08sec/60°@6.0V, 0.07sec/60°@7.4V, 0.06sec/60°@8.4V
Start Current: 4.0A@6.0V, 4.8A@7.4V, 5.8A@8.4V
Working Frequency: 1520us/333Hz
Default Travel Angle: ±60° =120° Total
Temperature Range: -20℃……+65℃
Programable: Yes
Case Material: Aluminum Alloy
Motor Type: 4 pole Brushless DC Motor
Gear Set Material: Hardened Steel
Position Sensor: Potentiometer
Ball Bearing: 2BB
Waterproof: IP65
Case Dimensions: 40.5mm*20mm*23.1mm±0.2mm
Weight: 50g±10%